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    Jeffrey Hilgert
    Hello, My name is Jeffrey Hilgert ( , 510 407-1200) Today (01/08/2016) I registered with GathR and made a purchase. I am certain that I selected two tickets (for the film 'Consumed' at Oakwood Mall 12 4800 Golf Rd #4 Eau Claire, WI) however, your confirmation indicates only one. I can't figure how to make this right on your website. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Helena Smirnis

    Hi, l was wanting to know is GATHR available in Melbourne Australia?
    If not do you know of something similar to this that is in Australia?
    Thanking You,

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    Kathryn Dixon

    I just left a voicemail message too - but to ensure resolution - I have requested to host a screening of "Embrace" in Salt Lake City on 9/22/16 at the Gateway Megaplex Theater - so far I haven't received confirmation from you on that. HOWEVER once I got into the Embrace Movie Captain Facebook page, I discovered that Stephanie Gardiner already had a date scheduled w/you folks for 9/29 at the same theater. I've been in touch w/Stephanie who said she doesn't have the time to be Team Captain, and she'd like to pass it all over to me and my small team of helpers. I'm sure we'll have at least several hundred tix sold, likely more. -- Please assure me that we can make this switch - Stephanie said she'd try to activate the switch to me from her end this evening. Thanks for your help

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    I have emailed multiple times and still have not got a response. 

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